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Client: Noral
Industry: Lighting Industry
Design: UI – UX
Development: Front End & Back End
CMS: WordPress Development
Deliverables: 1 months
Additional: Maintences



As a new player in the field of luminaire production, our company, with a Scandinavian heritage, faces the challenge of establishing a strong online presence. Our leadership in LED luminaire production, innovation, and excellence is a core aspect of our identity. However, as a company launching its first website, we must address the issue of effectively conveying this message and showcasing our commitment to pioneering products in the lighting industry. Our luminaires exceed international standards in energy efficiency, longevity, reliability, and aesthetics. Nevertheless, our challenge lies in translating this excellence into our online presence.


To address this challenge, we have created our very first website, a platform where we can authentically represent our Scandinavian brand’s leadership in LED luminaire production with innovation and excellence. This website serves as a digital showcase of our deep-rooted history and our constant investments in cutting-edge technologies. It provides a space where we can present our groundbreaking products in the lighting industry, highlighting their exceptional quality, sustainability, and aesthetic values that surpass international standards.

Our website will be a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to providing innovative solutions in the luminaire industry. Through user-friendly design, engaging content, and rich visuals, our online presence will reflect our core values as a new luminaire production company.


With the launch of our first website, we have successfully introduced our online presence to the world, accurately representing our Scandinavian brand’s leadership in LED luminaire production with innovation and excellence. Our website now serves as a digital gateway to our deep-rooted history and ongoing investments in pioneering technologies.

Visitors to our website will discover luminaires that set the standard for high energy efficiency, longevity, reliability, and aesthetics, exceeding international benchmarks. This transformation ensures that our dedication to excellence and the pursuit of innovative solutions are conveyed effectively online.

As a result, our customers and partners will have a compelling platform to learn about our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the environment, and we look forward to establishing strong business relationships with them.


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