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Client: Korea Filler Experts
Industry: Aesthetics Product Supplier / E-Commerce
Design: UI – UX
Development: Front End & Back End
CMS: WordPress Development
Deliverables: 4 months
Additional: SEO



The fundamental issue faced by Korea Filler Experts’ website was its inability to adequately emphasize the company’s dedication to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. Despite having an experienced professional team and being a leading supplier of aesthetic products in Korea, this strong message was not sufficiently highlighted on the website.


To address this challenge, Korea Filler Experts undertook a complete redesign of our website. We now place a stronger emphasis on the company’s position as a leading aesthetic product supplier in Korea. Our website now clearly reflects the importance of the high-quality products and services we offer.

The redesigned website provides more information and presents a more captivating design, highlighting our commitment to customers and partners. Additionally, it offers visitors a better understanding of our aesthetic products and services with more content and details.

This updated version of our website enables us to convey the strength and commitment of Korea Filler Experts more effectively. It better reflects our leadership in the aesthetic industry, allowing customers and partners to understand and evaluate our capabilities.


Our redesigned website has transformed into a platform that more effectively conveys Korea Filler Experts’ strong message. We now emphasize the company’s position as a leading aesthetic product supplier in Korea.

Thanks to this updated version of our website, customers and partners can gain a clearer understanding of Korea Filler Experts’ commitment to its experienced and expert team. It also provides more information about our aesthetic products and services.

In conclusion, the website’s update has turned it into a tool that better reflects Korea Filler Experts’ leadership in the aesthetic industry. Customers and partners now have a better opportunity to understand and evaluate the company’s strength and commitment.  


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