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Achieve Success with our Web Design and Software Development Services

Do you want to move your brand to the digital world? If so, you are in the right place! At Wedevo, we offer end-to-end web design and software development solutions that enable various businesses (regardless of B2B OR B2C) to transform their business. Our expertise constantly grows with your business, and our web solutions meet your needs most efficiently.

We design and develop a custom website for your brand, product, or company and we create it specifically for your target audience to differentiate you from your competitors. We combine many elements (such as fonts and colours) under the digital identity of your brand.

We offer web design and software development services according to your marketing goals, vision, wishes, and strategies. Besides, if a functional requirement goes beyond the capabilities of WordPress, we search for and offer specially created solutions.

We help you with the following:

  • Responsive Website Design – Mobile-friendly
  • UX Solutions – User Experience – User-friendly Approach
  • E-commerce Product Design – Online Store Management
  • SEO, Analysis, Maps, Contact Forms
  • Hosting and Server Management
  • Website Migration Services
  • Website Backup and Maintenance Services
  • Image Creation for the Website

Web Applications

Our Web Application Development Services

At Wedevo, we provide excellent and advanced web application solutions powered by modern technologies to meet your specific needs. We offer web software development services that are user-oriented, have a perfect design, and provide an excellent user experience. While building your web application, we consider the requirements of your business and its growth capacity. We carry out the whole application development process carefully. This ensures that you have not only a well-designed web application, but that is ready to work from the start.

Web Portals

A web portal is not just a website, it makes your businesses interactive online. They are often user-centred, have multiple roles, and provide a variety of functions. Web portal development processes are similar to website development processes to a certain extent. At Wedevo, we prioritize a high standard of security and privacy, optimal load balance, and reliable integrations in our web portal development processes.

There are various types of web portals. We can develop the following types for you: 

  • Vendor and Supplier Portals
  • E-commerce Portals
  • E-learning Portals
  • Collaboration Portal
  • Creating a WordPress website for small, medium, or large businesses
  • Custom Website Development (PHP based)

Mobile Applications

Using its expertise in mobile application development, our team helps you to provide practical and hassle-free experiences on any device and get the best mobile technology for your business. Using the design-oriented thinking approach, you can be sure that your product strategy meets the needs of users most intuitively and excellently possible.

Responsive and Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Websites

Our website development services prioritize search-engine-friendly (SEF) designs and search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to this, we also consider the advantages that responsive websites give you in terms of SEO. In this way, we aim to attract the attention of your visitors and increase your organic traffic.

WordPress and Shopify Web Design Services

We’ve designed and developed WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and e-commerce websites for many businesses on a small or large scale. We have been providing this service since 2009, and we have already had more than 300 clients from several sectors. We have selected some examples to share the results of our collaborations with customers. We are happy to work with you!

Web Design Services

Each visitor comes to your profile to get the necessary products or information. The design of your website, its perfect user experience, or the latest features may encourage more visitors to visit and spend time on your website. In other words, a professional web design can help you achieve your marketing goals faster. Well, what advantages do we offer you with the design of your website?

custom webdesign software development

Custom Web Design &
Software Development

Each development is designed with a set of unique features that suits the needs of each customer. With our customized web design and development services, we develop websites that focus on increasing efficiency, providing the best user experience, and making mobile-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

We do not just design a website for you. We are a brand of a 360-degree service Group, and our experience in the digital world is quite a lot. We care for the visibility of your website in search engines as much as its design and functionality. We design your websites with the most updated SEO practices to top the results in search engines.

Conversion of Visitors
into Customers

At the beginning of the planning process, we determine how to enhance your Call to Action (CTA) for increasing the tendency to conversion. This call to action can be used to ask customers to fill out a form, make a phone call, or take the product to the purchase phase. We keep this goal in mind throughout the entire process, from the design to the coding of your website. 

advanced custom features

Custom Features

The needs of each brand and its target audience differ from each other. While creating it, we add the features you need to the design of your website. We add advanced functions like e-commerce plugins, forums, and event registrations to the website.


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