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The Key to Increase Website Traffic Search Engine Optimization

What is your first step when you have a question or look for a solution? “I search on the internet” probably is your answer to this. Just like you, nearly 64% of internet users try to find answers by doing Google searches. If you want to be one of the pages where they find the answers they are looking for, you need to rank high in the search engines like Google. But how?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website ranks higher, thus it increases organic traffic. If you want to grow your business or ensure its continuity, you need to protect your digital presence. For this reason, you should be able to adapt to the changing criteria of search engines.

If you feel confused or even lost when you think about these changing criteria, at Wedevo we can help you with SEO and create plans to reach your goals. We increase your visibility in the digital world and ensure its continuity with our SEO services.

Just like our website design and software services, we also offer SEO services while keeping your brand and industry in mind. As a priority, our team of experts analyzes the needs and goals of your brand and its place in the industry; then, taking all this into account, they prepare a sustainable plan special for your business. So, what does this plan include?

Let’s see our SEO services.

Google seo

Local SEO Solutions

Local Search Engine Optimization

If you want to solve your problems quickly, you usually want to find a local one that is the closest to offer you a solution. Local SEO services allow you to reach your local target audience and grow your business. Local SEO services cover a wide range of topics like creating a Google My Business account, optimization, tracking conversions, and geotagging, which are ideal for taking your business to the top.

Technical SEO

Increase Your Visibility with Technical Excellence

Search engines like Google give priority to optimized websites. Increasing the speed of the pages on your website, correcting errors and fixing technical problems can help you rank higher in search engines. It is easier for you to be heard when you make things easier for the search engines.

Increase Your Visibility in the Digital World

Our SEO Services

You may want to carry your local brand to the national or global level, compete with global companies, or want to sell your product. Thanks to our SEO services, you can rank higher in search engines and achieve your goal.

Long-Term Data Analysis

Performance Monitoring & Developing

We are experts to analyze data and sharing the inferences with you. Thanks to the data, we analyze the traffic and determine what we need to improve. We track the sources from which visitors access your website, what affects them to become your customers, or what they search for. In this way, we provide the necessary optimization and provide data for the steps to follow for your digital marketing strategy.

SEO Audit and Market Analysis

We Know Your Competitors

We take the time to understand your brand, your place in the industry, and your goals before starting to optimize your website. Then, we analyze the digital presence of your competitors. We analyze your competitors’ websites from keyword usage to site performance by using SEO tools. We use this information to provide SEO optimization that will enable you to get ahead of your competitor.

Keyword Research

We Find the Keywords to Reach Your Target Audience

A successful keyword strategy results from understanding your target audience and what they search in search engines. We comprehend your target audience and increase your ranking for specific terms. Our SEO team reviews the keywords that your website is ranking for, considers your keyword wish list, and prepares a suitable keyword list for your websites.

On-Page SEO

Attract Your Visitors

It is essential to focus on the keywords that will bring visitors to your website; for this reason, we also optimize your content. We edit your titles, HTML tags, and descriptions. They provide organic traffic to your website so that you can simply achieve your goals.

Building a Link

We Improve Your Ranking with Strong Links

Backlinks provide a great advantage for your website in search results. The sources of backlinks, which are a kind of cooperation between websites, must be reliable and strong. We help you to provide these links and link them to the fundamental keywords.

SEO Web Design

We Increase Your Visibility by Optimizing Your Website

We carry out both the design and software of your specially designed website and create the website of your dreams. We also optimize your website by SEO standards. If you want to have a custom-designed Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, and e-commerce site that will increase your visibility in the digital world, contact us.


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