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Client: Cemlight
Industry: Lighting Industry
Design: UI – UX
Development: Front End & Back End
CMS: WordPress Development
Deliverables: 4 months
Additional: SEO & Maintences



The corporate structure of the brand, which provides services in lighting systems with a professional understanding both in the domestic and foreign countries, should be reflected in the digital world, in which can mirror the R&D-centered production approach. Company’s website welcoming represents old structure and difficulty of usage. This website should have been replaced by a user-friendly and responsive website design. Shortly, brands’ powerful corporate structure should take presence in the digital world.


With creating site, the corporate structure were designed to be positioned in accordance with the values ​​and structure of Cemdag company, which has a entrenched history. Throughout this whole process, the values ​​of the brand founders in the corporate structure were preserved. The star in the brand’s logo, which is the narrator of the founding story, was creatively improved by ingenious team.


The corporate image of the brand has been successfully transferred to the digital world and the brand has started to offer the best service to its customers in digital environment. It provided fast and easy access to the information to the visitors. The website designed and developed for user friendly and easy to access product details. Sales support also was provided in communication to customers who were served in the marketing processes.


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